Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Culture Industry: Horkheimer & Adorno

Enlightenment as mass deception. The article discusses how culture today is "infecting everything with sameness." We discussed how the dialectic was the debate and discussion used to advance the enlightenment and how it has come to fool us and give us a false sense of how the world is suppose to work. Adorno often wrote excessively and in a grandiose way which made no sense to appear "smarter". In turn it made the critics look like idiots, but they soon caught onto his "BS" writing.

We viewed the video "cool" chasing hunters where they explored and followed popular trends and found ways to attack them with media tools. We saw how the ICP group showed how the presence of style is the absence of art and truth. The lack of originality strips its natural and original aura and lets it become a reproduced trend or style (Benjamin).

As an audience you become subjected to the ideas imbedded within. There is more focus on the profit and it becomes less "artful" all to mass produce and make more people subjects to power. As creativity disappears, it gets worse and worse. Artist go to producers, make songs, where they in turn all begin to sound the same.

We are not amused, the industry has created a need for amusement. It then proceed to continually promise that the need will be met. But all it gives us is the promise. We are never fully amused-therefore the industry perpetuates its own purpose.

We feel the need to consent, because those who do not conform are treated as outsiders.

There is so escape-we lose individuality and are replaced by pseudo-individuality. The same kinds of false differences as between the media and artifacts produced by the industry.

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